5 Last-Minute Fall Wedding Tips Every Couple Should Consider

Autumn can be one of the most beautiful times of year to get married, paving the way for couples to capitalize on nature’s crisp temperatures, vibrant colors and golden sunlight on their big day. As couples plan their upcoming fall nuptials, some last-minute tips to consider include:
  1. Making Your Guests Comfortable: Autumn temperatures can fluctuate daily, and in some cases, hourly! In preparation for an outdoor fall ceremony, cocktail hour or reception, consider adding hand-held fans in a basket for guests to utilize if the sun is exceptionally warm or light blankets for guests to place over their laps or shoulders should temperatures drop. You could even send an email to your guests a day or two prior to the wedding, reminding them to bring a cardigan, sweater, jacket or scarf, should the forecast call for chilly temperatures.  
  2. Layering Your Wardrobe: Your guests comfort matters, but so does yours! If temperatures are low, consider layering your suit with a leather jacket and your dress with an open sweater, shoulder wrap, or scarf. Not only will these simple wardrobe additions help keep you warm, but they can also make for unique photo opportunities.
  3. Capturing Autumnal Moments: Fall colors are sensational; creating some of the most naturally vibrant wedding photo opportunities. As such, couples should focus on incorporating nature into their photos and themes. For example, capture a kiss under a bright-leafed tree, or have guests toss dry leaves instead of bird seed during your ceremony send-off.  
    • If you’re a couple tying the knot at Lincolnshire Marriott Resort, there’s no better place to capture a picturesque moment than by our famous golf course box car or Lakeside Pavilion which overlooks Lake Lincolnshire and the resort’s Audubon certified nature preserve.  
    • As beautiful as nature can be during autumn, it can also be a little messy. If you’re planning on taking outdoor photos among the leaves or in a golden field, make a conscious effort to walk with your dress or suit pants slightly lifted, as to avoid wet leaf stains or mud spots on your special outfit.   
  4. Bringing Produce to The Table: Tablescapes with seasonal produce such as apples, pumpkins and gourds, can be a fun way to subtly bring the season into your wedding decor. You can even consider purchasing pomegranates or similar produce, and carving your guests names into them to utilize as name cards in place of traditional paper settings. 
  5. Indulging in Seasonal Flavors: Not sure what your signature drink should be, or still deciding on unique dessert bar items - why not stray away from traditional and opt for something more seasonal? Playful drinks such as whiskey-bourbon or cranberry-orange gin cocktails can be a welcomed change for your guests’ taste buds. Apple Pie Pops or Chocolate-covered Pear slices are seasonal desserts that are sure to surprise and delight guests of all ages.  
Whether you’re helping guests’ stay warm with custom blankets, capturing moments amongst the leaves or serving a unique seasonal menu, autumn is a great time to tie the knot and even better time to think outside the box when it comes to last-minute details for your big day.

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- Your Lincolnshire Marriott Resort Team