5 Wedding Planning Essentials To Get You To I Do

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and often couples find it difficult to identify where they should start. To help guide couples on how to plan a wedding, we’re sharing five essential wedding planning tips to help couples walk down the isle and say “I do,” with as little stress as possible.
Budget Baby
How much does it costs to plan a wedding? First and foremost, set a budget and stick to it. Just like any other event, you will likely find yourself wanting to incorporate add-ons closer to the big day. However, we always advise couples to stick to the essentials that fit into their budgets before adding more.
Be Inspired
With so many visually stimulating inspirations available to wedding couples, it can be difficult to design your vision and bring it to life. We encourage couples to be inspired as much as possible - utilize Pinterest, read magazines, get advice - but also to pin-point and review the integrity of your wedding design - modern, rustic, whimsical, etc. - to help bring it off your board and into life.
Tick Tock
How long does it take to plan a wedding? Work with your wedding professional to develop a reasonable timeline to fit your schedule. Mapping-out due dates on a calendar (and sticking to them), will help keep your wedding on-track and your stress levels low. When creating a timeline make sure that you’re realistic with your time, especially when it comes down to the last month of planning and start cutting non-essential things from your to-do list, like painting a ‘just married’ sign. In the long run, managing your time and cutting non-essentials will lighten the bourdon on your already heavy shoulders.
Relationship Resources
Still haven’t found a florist or wedding band you love? Try asking one of your already secured vendors, like your photographer, to give you some advice. One vendor can often lead you to another so think of your vendor partnerships as additional resources when narrowing down others.
Have Fun
It’s your wedding! So, don’t feel like you need to be busy planning every second, of every day leading up to the BIG day. Make sure you take time for yourself and enjoy special days with your friends and family without the stresses of wedding planning to bog you down. And don’t forget to simply relax with your significant other; after all, you’re in this together. Planning a wedding should be fun - no matter how big or small - and the memories you make leading up to the big day, are just as important as the day itself.
Is there an essential wedding tip you’d like to share? We’d love to hear it!

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-Your Lincolnshire Marriott Resort Team 
September 2018