Is A Holiday Wedding Right For You?

Intimate holiday weddings are becoming more and more popular, but how do you know if a holiday wedding is right for you? This month, we’re sharing insights to help you decide if a holiday wedding could be the perfect fit for you to say, “I do.”

If You Want A Unique Theme
Have you ever dreamed of having a themed wedding, but aren’t sure what your “theme” should be? Well, hosting a holiday wedding offers you a unique theme without even trying! For example, if you want to get married on Halloween, you can easily integrate fall colors and seasonal attributes, like pumpkins into your big day, without being too cheesy. The same goes for Valentine’s Day – go nuts with all things ‘love;’ and a July 4th wedding can bring extra ‘pop’ to your reception with fireworks and sparklers!

If You Can’t Decide On A Date
Hosting a holiday wedding is a convenient, timely opportunity to organically bring the people closest to you together in a unique way. And whether you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve or Fourth of July wedding, friends and families will likely already have time off and what better way to celebrate than with a holiday wedding! TIP: Valentine’s Day is on a Friday in 2020, and July 4, 2020 is on a Saturday! These are great holiday dates for couples to bookmark and consider as they begin planning their walk down the aisle.

If You Like to Take Charge
Are you the friend that always takes the lead in planning annual get-togethers or vacations? Then a holiday wedding is right up your alley! Holiday weddings are all about timing – whether you’re getting married on New Year’s Eve or under Fourth of July fireworks, securing a wedding venue 18+ months ahead of your holiday wedding is essential; especially if you’re hosting your holiday wedding at a hot destination. Not only will it please your party planning heart to have these details finalized months or years in advance but will also allow you plenty of time to relax and enjoy the journey.

What do you think, does a holiday wedding sound perfect for you? Whether you want to be surrounded by confetti on New Year’s Eve, an abundance of rose petals on Valentine’s Day, or bright sparklers on July 4th, a holiday wedding is sure to be an intimate event for all to remember.
Are you thinking about a holiday wedding? If so, we’d love to answer some of your questions and hear your ideas!

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-Your Lincolnshire Marriott Resort Team 
October 2018