How to Incorporate Unique Details Into Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding photos are the gateway to a lifetime of memories from the day you say, “I do,” so why not make them your own? This month, we’re sharing some unique ways to incorporate interesting details into your wedding photos - from flowers, to signs and swings and beyond.

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Signs are a really fun way to make a statement on your big day, but they don’t have to be generic. We’ve seen many couples incorporate hobbies into their signs. For example, if you love tennis, consider tying wooden letters across your rackets to create a unique statement during your first moments as a married couple. Regardless if you want to hold a banner, wooden plank, simple hearts or something more personal, incorporating signs into your photos are a fun and unique way to create fun memories of your first ‘married moments.’ Pro Tip: In addition to our expert team, one of our local vendor partners, Timothy Whiley and Associates (TWA Photography) is also a great resource for wedding photo ideas and shares the following tip when choosing a wedding photographer that suits your needs, “As couples begin researching wedding photographers, it’s important that they have some sort of an idea of which photography style they would most like to see in their own wedding images. Styles range anywhere from Documentary, to Journalistic, to solely Artistic, and having an idea of what they like will make the hunt for a wedding photographer a little easier.”
Swing Along 
Swings are the thing! Many wedding locations have installed swings especially for couples to utilize for their wedding photos. But no need to sit on a boring platform! Greenery, flowers, balloons, beads and lights are just a few ways to give your swinging photos a special touch. One of our partner vendors, Yanni Design Studio, has great experience in decorating swings and unique props for your wedding day, and can work closely with our expert wedding team to bring your vision to life. Yanni Design Studio pros share that, “Adding a custom vinyl dance floor cover that incorporates a motif from your invitation, your new married monogram, or even a whimsical and colorful pattern is a fun and unique way to take your decor to the next level.”
If You’ve Got it, Use It
You never know what hidden gems are in your wedding venue’s back pocket. For example, Lincolnshire Marriott Resort has a tucked away area that many couples have been able to take advantage of to capture intimate moments - our onsite railroad cars. The railroad cars organically incorporate nature and give your photos a sense of romantic whimsy for you to look back on fondly. In addition, onsite flowerbeds and gardens are other unique ways to tie in nature and utilize onsite backdrops, without additional props. Be sure to ask your vendor if there are onsite organic backdrops for you to take advantage of for your photos.
Whether you’re looking to incorporate a hobby or nature, express your love in writing, or bring a completely unique vision to life, our expert staff and trusted local partners can help create photo memories that are completely unique to you.

Do you have a unique idea we can help bring to life? We’d love to hear it!

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-Your Lincolnshire Marriott Resort Team 
July 2018